yo guys im back tigy, found the new website so im seeing whats up there

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PostSubject: THE DMN SERVER   THE DMN SERVER EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 11:49 pm

Damn if you are going to continue to host the server you need to do so as much as possible. as in have the serv up every night. if you are unable to do so let me know so i can assign the job to someone else. but we need the server up.

IMPORTANT: if you host the server you are our DMN server host. that does not give you the rank of admin or clan leader. you are just our servers host. there will be no arguing this point. i dont want to have anyone saying "well this is my server, im hosting it, so my rules, and ill give the rcon to people who i think deserve it or ill keep it to my self" this WILL NOT HAPPEN. if you are serv host yes you will have rcon and admin powers but you do not have admin priviges like recruiting or rule making. the DMN server rules stand. if you host our server and have this atttitude you will be kicked from the clan. if you host the server you WILL give the admins rcon, and you WILL follow rules like everyone else.

so far we have not had this problem. but damn you need to host the server more often or we will have to find another server host. without a server this clan will fall appart.

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